Privacy Management GDPR has changed everything relating to data protection. The new EU law, which took effect may 25th 2018, introduces challenging undertaking for organisations. Understanding the gaps between current practices and the requirements of the law is just one of many hurdles to cross. Managing the gamut of work to plug identified gaps and initiating an improved privacy practice, remains daunting for organisations. Leveraging the collective skills and experience of our people, we have helped many organisations manage these complex activities.

jeu dev princeton review homework help Invite us today for a free consultation on how to navigate this difficult terrain so we can start:

  • building your compliance gaps
  • initiating pragmatic GDPR compliance projects
  • identifying business processes that must be aligned to GDPR
  • creating essential documentations
  • educating your people and other interested parties
  • developing personal/sensitive data journey
  • defining effective security measures
  • drafting data privacy management metrics and reporting